Update on Life

Hello to the three people who read this blog!

First off, I’m not dead, life just got incredibly crazy.

I’m a year off from graduating with a BA in Indigenous Anthropology! I am so close to joining the work force, I can just smell the sandy dirt, Gatorade, and sunscreen.

I didn’t mean for this to fall by the wayside, it just happened. This year has been both kind and horrible to me, but hey, what are you going to do? Stop trying? Nope. That’s not really on my radar at the moment. Ironically, all the awful things that have happened to me lately, that could have easily sent me on a downward spiral, have inspired me to keep pushing forward and do well, life is too short, and some opportunities only happen once.

I’m still a bit broken, but I’m on the mend. My friends, family, and teachers have all been wonderful. I consider myself to be very lucky.

If you’re still reading this, thank you. If not, then I say to you “Did you know that there’s a Faceless Old Woman who secretly lives in your home? She’s always there, always right there. No, not there. Not there either. Look, you looking up is just going to make yourself look silly. She’ll just shake her head in disappointment. Don’t do that.”.

(I’ve been re-listening to Welcome To Night Vale, can you tell?)


Spotlight On A Friend’s Blog: Yarn & Trowel

Yarn & Trowel, a blog/webstore/site is run by a good friend and fellow archaeologist of mine, Cheyenne. I’ve known her since January of 2013 and am so lucky to be friends with such a lovely, warm, hard working person. She’s currently selling her knitting creations to raise money for a field school in Ireland she is absolutely dying to go to (And deserves to go, believe me.), so if you’re looking for homemade, good quality knitted items, you should definitely get them from her. She is also planning on doing a blog on knitting and life as an archaeologist, and while I can’t say much now because she’s still launching the site, it is going to be an epic blog. I will also be putting a link to her site on my menu list above so you guys can check it out any time!

my hat(A Cheyenne original, made as a Christmas present to me last year. Super warm and comfy!)