About Me

My name is Pearl, I am an archaeologist living in California. I currently hold an AA in archaeology and will be working on a GIS certification and my bachelor’s degree soon. I have a life long love of history and what it can tell us about the past and the future. As a kid I saw a documentary on archaeology and it’s process, and I suppose it stuck with me in the back of my brain. After several career ideas (involving veterinary medicine, oncology, and forensic pathology), in my third semester of college back in 2011 I decided to take a risk. I’d always excelled in history, I loved it, so why not go into something involving it? I took an Intro Into Archaeology class online during the Spring 2012 semester, with my school, and I was a goner. I’ve jumped from specialty idea to specialty idea, and have a particular love of ceramics, historic archaeology, and indigenous archaeology/anthropology. Who knows where it will lead, but whichever I end up specializing in, I will be pursuing my dreams.


2 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. so awesome. I hope that you do good in archaeology. I am in grad school in mississippi and am writing my master’s thesis on the choctaw indians. i think you will enjoy it since you love history and historical archaeology is awesome. good luck with school.

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