Bogged Down By History: The Bog Bodies. (Not For The Faint Of Heart)

The topic of the bog bodies, (Bodies that have been found in various parts of Europe in, well, bogs.) has been a topic that has fascinated me for years. There is just something so haunting and out of this world about them, with the way they have been preserved being a rather large part of the interest. These bodies have been discovered while peat bogs are harvested in several places throughout Europe, especially Ireland, the Netherlands, Northern Germany, and Great Britain.

The only photo in this post I can show above the cut! Image courtesy of

Peat bog harvest. The only photo in this post I can show above the cut!
Image courtesy of

Onward below the cut! (Because the bog bodies can admittedly look very disturbing and I know this isn’t a topic for everyone so below the cut it goes!)


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Spotlight On A Friend’s Blog: Yarn & Trowel

Yarn & Trowel, a blog/webstore/site is run by a good friend and fellow archaeologist of mine, Cheyenne. I’ve known her since January of 2013 and am so lucky to be friends with such a lovely, warm, hard working person. She’s currently selling her knitting creations to raise money for a field school in Ireland she is absolutely dying to go to (And deserves to go, believe me.), so if you’re looking for homemade, good quality knitted items, you should definitely get them from her. She is also planning on doing a blog on knitting and life as an archaeologist, and while I can’t say much now because she’s still launching the site, it is going to be an epic blog. I will also be putting a link to her site on my menu list above so you guys can check it out any time!

my hat(A Cheyenne original, made as a Christmas present to me last year. Super warm and comfy!)

A.I. (Artifact-ual Intelligence): Artifacts, Private/Public Land, And the Do Not Touch Rule.

Hello all! I’m sorry I’ve been  beyond awful at updating, but I’ve been rather busy. I’m on my way (Admittedly slowly.) to starting my bachelor’s degree in indigenous anthropology next fall and getting everything together has been …intense.

ANYWAY, today I wanted to talk about an issue that has been going one for ages and ages, is probably already talked to death, but is still a topic that never fails to rile me up and leave me silently seething; the taking of artifacts from either public or private land WITHOUT permission. (Yes, there is a difference. Yes it is a grey area, yes I will discuss that later on in the post.)

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